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Are you under the influence of someone else's emotion?

Stop, take a deep breath and read on.

It's in your hands

This unique book provides a valuable guide for building emotional resilience across all age groups that can be referenced for years to come. Practical language and tools are provided as a resource for improving all aspects of life, including relationships at home, school, and work.

"Dr Jane Foster’s book It’s in Your Hands presents what could very easily be considered a breakthrough approach to managing depression, anxiety and a raft of other mental health issues that come with modern-day lifestyles. Many of the ideas delivered in her doctoral research program have now come to fruition within the mental health field, changing and, in some cases, saving lives." -Janet Mawdesley, Blue Wolf Reviews

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Neuroscience, positive psychology, resilience and mindfulness combine to form the powerful intervention that is our Emotional Resilience Language.

We teach people from all backgrounds to decrease levels of psychological distress and embed an everyday language that will develop emotional intelligence, improve emotional fitness, and train people of all ages how to build their own resilience. By becoming emotionally resilient, we begin to fully embrace and cope with the broad spectrum of the human


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Emotional Resilience is a longterm solution, not a quick fix.

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