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Featuring Emotional Resilience and Dr Jane Foster

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Students are becoming less emotionally resilient – we need a different approach

11 April 2024 


Afternoons featuring Dr Jane Foster


9 April 2024 


Inspiring Great Leaders Podcast #230 Dr. Jane Foster Emotional Resilience

5 April 2024 


Dr Jane Foster on Today Extra


1 April 2024 

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Emotional resilience – a path to healthier workplaces

25 March 2024 

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4 steps to builds your children's emotional resilience

5 March 2024 


Driving metaphors help employees with emotional 'navigation'

9 February 2024 


How educators can manage emotions when it comes to working with challenging people

10 April 2024 

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Monday Drive featuring Dr Jane Foster


8 April 2024 


The Good Read featuring Dr Jane Foster


3 April 2024 

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Building emotional resilience makes better leaders

27 March 2024 


Grab the steering wheel to improve your emotional resilience

20 March 2024 

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Designing a wellness program your team can actually use

21 February 2024 


Why leaders need to build emotional resilience to better cope in challenging situations

10 April 2024 


5 ways to build emotional resilience (and why it matters for wellbeing)

8 April 2024 

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Cultivating emotional resilience in a crowded school environment

1 April 2024 


Why we need to stop being so judgemental – and the 4 steps to do it

27 March 2024 


It’s in Your Hands 
Book Review


8 March 2024 

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‘A teachable moment’: The only upside to your kids missing out on Taylor Swift tickets

17 February 2024 

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