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Giving people an everyday language to help them gain and maintain control in a challenging world.

Emotional intelligence is our ability to recognise and understand emotions in ourselves and others and use this awareness to manage our behaviour and relationships. 

Emotional Resilience is a circuit breaker for blame and judgement. We believe there is power in removing the destructive pressure of having to be happy and perfect. Life may not get easier or more forgiving; but we have the power to become more forgiving and at ease with ourselves.


Combining emotional intelligence with resilience produces the powerful skill of emotional resilience, teaching us how to manage those everyday stressors.

Our age bracket is 0-100. Whether you're a child or a senior executive, these lifelong abilities will benefit your life, when practiced daily.

“75% of careers are derailed for reasons related to emotional competencies, including inability to handle interpersonal  problems; unsatisfactory team leadership during times of difficulty or conflict; or inability to adapt to change or elicit trust.”

— The Center for Creative Leadership.

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