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Are you interested in looking after the mental and emotional health of your employees?

Emotional Resilience Training for workplaces

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People who are mentally and emotionally fit have the capacity to think clearly and creatively; are far more productive; have greater motivation and have an increased ability to achieve. Emotional Resilience  (ER) is time and cost effective and can be introduced into your workplace in a day. Based on neuroscience and positive psychology, ER is designed to teach individuals how to create their own emotional resilience; increasing mental, physical and emotional health and positively influencing their overall wellbeing.

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The Workshop Presentation and Follow-up Sessions

An introductory presentation establishes whether your business is a fit for Emotional Resilience Training.


Following on from the introductory session the Emotional Resilience Training consists one 2 hour workshop and four 30 minute follow up sessions.


The tailored two hour workshop involves videos, individual and group work. This produces tangible tools and language which can simply be embedded into workplace and everyday life. Resources include posters, fridge magnets and a months subscription to Emotional Resilience texts Monday to Friday.

Four 30 minute follow-up sessions  include workshopping relevant work scenarios and further discussion on actionable next steps.

For more information including pricing contact us below.

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