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Emotional Resilience was created in response to the increasing numbers of adults and children who pretended to appear fine on the outside, but on the inside, weren’t coping at all. We think it is time to stop that pretence and learn how to cope with this challenging world. We teach self-regulation; replacing blame and judgement with responsibility, empathy and compassion.

You may not be able to change people and circumstances but ER will teach you how to respond to them.

Dr Jane Foster

Founder of Emotional Resilience, Dr Jane Foster, is a leading researcher and educator with a PhD in health and education. Jane is also trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu and Yoga. Combining these skills with neuroscience and positive psychology, Jane equips people with proactive strategies to help manage their daily stresses, successfully changing perspective and creating new neural pathways.


Explore our collection of resources on how Dr Jane Foster discovered the transformative power of Emotional Resilience

PhD Abstract: The impact of an emotional fitness and resilience building intervention – MYTERN - on the psychological wellbeing, life satisfaction, resilience and distress levels of first year university students

An SMS a day keeps attrition at bay. Preliminary findings from an intervention using SMS with first year students from a regional Australian university

Mytern: An Innovative Approach to Increase Students’ Achievement, Sense of Wellbeing and Levels of Resilience

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