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The ER Education Pack: Secondary & Tertiary

Are your students, staff, and parents grappling with emotional challenges, revealing a pressing need for fortified emotional resilience within your educational community? 


Our program is designed to bridge the communication gap between home and school, empower students to navigate challenges independently and equip staff and parents with the tools to cope effectively. 


Together, we'll address emotional struggles, navigate bullying, foster accountability, and implement long-term solutions that can be applied throughout a student's life. The emotional upheaval stemming from incidents of bullying and disruptions in the school's emotional harmony calls for a proactive approach to address these concerns.


Introducing our tailored education packages, designed to provide a robust foundation for emotional well-being within the educational ecosystem.


Tailored for secondary and tertiary levels, this impactful course delves into video and audio components, complemented by the profound E-Book "It’s in Your Hands." Explore educational posters featuring insightful quotes, a comprehensive Teacher Manual, and ER Educational posters covering changing language patterns and DIY activities. 


Engage students with examples of TEPs and PETs, a reflection sheet for older participants, parent-inclusive posts, group activities, discussion topics, and questions. Certificates of training for staff and Mytern Mini Links round out this comprehensive secondary and tertiary education offering.


In the face of emotional challenges, these education packages stand as beacons of support, offering a transformative journey towards emotional resilience for students, staff, and parents alike.


Seeking a long-term solution that goes beyond quick fixes for your school community? If the comprehensive education packages feel overwhelming, consider our alternative options designed for seamless integration into existing programs. The ER video course, e-book, and Teacher’s Manual are versatile tools that allow leadership, staff, and parent representatives to show commitment to emotional well-being. 


These options provide a flexible and impactful way to incorporate Mytern principles into existing school initiatives, fostering a foundation for lasting positive change. It's time to create a resilient and harmonious educational community.

The ER Education Pack: Secondary & Tertiary

    • ER Audio Course
    • It's in your hands eBook
    • Quote posters
    • The ER Map and instructions
    • TEPs, PETs, Giving Choice a Voice and DIY Roadmap Poster Pack
    • Parent Posts for newsletters or social media
    • Group activities and discussion
    • ER award
    • Certificate of training (staff)
    • Reflection sheet
    • MYTERN Mini Links: 6 Short Videos
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