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The ER Family Pack

Are you feeling the strain of communication breakdowns and unresolved disagreements within your family? It's time for a change. 


Our Family Package is a compassionate guide designed to foster open communication, cultivate emotional resilience, and provide practical tools for regaining control. Together, we'll build a common language, promote mutual support, and develop skills applicable throughout your collective journey. Break free from the cycle of discord and embark on a path towards a harmonious and connected family life.


Ignite the profound journey of family transformation as you unlock the full potential within our comprehensive family package. 


Dive into various valuable resources carefully curated for your family's well-being. Explore the eBook "It’s in Your Hands" for profound insights into navigating family dynamics. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of picture storybooks – characters, a set of four stories designed for education and enjoyment. 


Engage with the family narratives in picture storybooks - family stories, a set of three tales for shared experiences. Enhance your family's emotional resilience journey with Mytern Mini Links. Unleash creativity with  Colouring sheets featuring the map and individual characters. Gain a comprehensive understanding of your family dynamics with the Parent Manual. Follow the 12 steps to help embed Mytern into your family life. Manage emotions actively with the TEPs, PETs, Giving Choice a Voice and DIY Roadmap Poster Pack. Foster family bonding with the Mytern card game.


Crafted for those grappling with challenges, it is a powerful investment to reclaim control and navigate life with unwavering resilience. Just as emotional turmoil in one family member can swiftly spread, this comprehensive offering serves as a beacon of hope to quell the tumult and foster healing throughout the household.


Is your family entangled in the detrimental cycle of the blame game? Begin a poignant journey toward transformation with these foundational options, setting the stage for genuine healing and connection.


Navigate family challenges with the essential tools in the ER map posters and instructions set.


Immerse yourself in the powerful strategies of the audio course, designed to fortify your family's emotional well-being.

Enjoy Playschool style video links for educational and entertaining family time.

The ER Family Pack

    • ER Audio Course
    • It's in your hands eBook
    • The ER Map and instructions
    • Four MYTERN Character Picture Story eBooks
    • Three MYTERN Family Picture Storybooks
    • MYTERN Mini Links: 6 Short Videos
    • MYTERN Colouring Sheets
    • Parent Manual
    • 10 MYTERN Lessons for ELC
    • TEPs, PETs, Giving Choice a Voice and DIY Roadmap Poster Pack
    • MYTERN Card Game
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