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The ER Individual Pack

Are you feeling lost and overwhelmed by life's challenges, struggling to regain control? 


Our package is a compassionate guide to help you navigate and understand your emotions, providing tools and strategies to regain control and foster resilience. It's time to break free from the emotional struggles and journey towards a more empowered and balanced version of yourself.


Emotional resilience is your lifeline, crafted to empower you to find your footing and assert control. Consider exploring the comprehensive toolkit for a more profound initiation into this transformative journey. 


Immerse yourself in our audio course, delving into powerful strategies to fortify your emotional well-being. Uncover profound insights with the empowering e-book "It’s in Your Hands," which provides the tools to take command of your emotional journey. Navigate life's challenges gracefully using the resources in the ER Map instructional posters tailored to bolster your resilience.


Equip yourself with practical tools for active emotional management through the TEPs, PETs, Giving choice a voice, and DIY Roadmap poster set, transforming your inner landscape. Supplement your emotional resilience journey with Mytern Mini Links, providing additional resources which illustrate how to incorporate ER into everyday experiences, intensifying your experience. 


This comprehensive package is designed to guide you through a holistic journey towards emotional well-being. This package is designed for those wrestling with challenges, offering a powerful investment to reclaim control and traverse life with unwavering resilience.


Are you feeling scattered, with emotions all over the place? Explore our foundational options to achieve emotional stability and balance daily.


Embark Gradually and immerse yourself in powerful strategies to fortify emotional resilience through an audio course


Uncover profound insights, empowering you to seize command of your emotional well-being through our recommended eBook


Don't let your emotions dictate; choose empowerment and transformative growth. Whether you embark gradually or dive into the comprehensive Individual Package, designed to empower you to reclaim control and navigate life with unwavering resilience, your journey toward emotional well-being begins here.

The ER Individual Pack

    • ER Audio Course
    • It's in your hands eBook
    • The ER Map and instructions
    • TEPs, PETs, Giving Choice a Voice and DIY Roadmap Poster Pack
    • MYTERN Mini Links: 6 Short Videos
    • Daily ER Messages
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